Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key capabilities of Specialty Glass Products?
Specialty Glass Products excels in CNC machining, precision grinding, polishing, redrawn tubing, and hot working. SGP employs precision equipment, diamond tooling, and advanced CAD/CAM programming tools to achieve exceptionally tight tolerances.
What are some examples of products produced by the machining department?
The machining department produces a wide range of products, including glass flats with precise perimeter accuracy, optical lenses, prisms, light pipes, glass and quartz wafers, cuvettes, flow cells, and specialty glass and quartz shapes for technology-driven applications
What types of glass materials can be processed using CNC centerless grinding and polishing?
Specialty Glass Products processes various types and grades of glass, including fused quartz, fused silica, SCHOTT Duran, Corning® Pyrex borosilicate glass, soda-lime glass, synthetic sapphire, and optical filter glass.
Does Specialty Glass Products have expertise in handling complex glass shapes and detailed features?
Yes, with multi-disciplined engineering and extensive knowledge of CNC machining and glass fabrication, we understand the challenges of creating glass products with intricate shapes and details.
What tolerances can be achieved on diameters through CNC centerless grinding?
The company achieves very tight tolerances, as close as ±.0001”, on outer diameters during the centerless grinding process.
What sizes of tubing and rod can be produced through CNC centerless grinding?
The company processes rods and tubes ranging from .003” to 2.5” in diameter. Lengths can reach up to 25.0”.
Does Specialty Glass Products cater to both prototyping and high-volume production?
Yes, the company’s machining processes are stable, accurate, and repeatable, making them suitable for both prototyping and high-volume
Can Specialty Glass Products handle centerless grinding of complex shapes with multiple diameters and profiles?
Yes, the company can perform centerless grinding of complex shapes, including tapers and multiple diameters.
What surface finishes are achievable through the centerless grinding and polishing processes?
Using a series of rough to fine grits, Specialty Glass Products creates smooth pre-polish surfaces. The company can then achieve the required transmission specification through fire polishing or mechanical polishing.
Are the ends of the tubing and rod ground or polished to an optical finish?
Yes, Specialty Glass Products can grind and polish the ends of tubing and rod to an optical finish, ensuring high-quality ends perfect for light pipes.
What industry standards does the company conform to in its manufacturing processes?
Specialty Glass Products operates in a compliant ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing environment, and its processes and products conform to industry standards.
Are the products manufactured and tested to meet industry standards?
Yes, products are manufactured and tested in compliance with MIL, ASTM, SEMI, DIN, and other relevant industry standards.
How can I obtain more detailed information or request a quote?
For more detailed information or to request a quote, interested parties are encouraged to contact Specialty Glass Products directly. The company welcomes the opportunity to provide additional information and quotes for their services.