Precision Hot Working

At Specialty Glass Products, precision hot working is one of our primary strengths. We have the tools and the expert skills to create tight tolerance glass and quartz products of any size or complexity. With our hot working capabilities, we shape tube or rod as well as fire polish surfaces to make them transparent. From prototype to large scale production, we produce precision products for the aerospace, electronics, communication, medical, and dozens of other industries with challenging quality requirements.

Along with bending, fusing, and forming, we use a variety of tools and techniques for hot working glass and quartz in various types and grades. Examples of materials we process include high-performance borosilicate sheet, rod, and tubing from leading glass manufacturers, as well as semiconductor grades of fused quartz. We also process high purity and UV transmissive fused silica products. Our production facility houses small to large scale lathes, torches, paddles, as well as an extensive library of shaping tools capable of creating intricate features down to .005”.

Our multi-disciplined engineers work in close consultation with customers to understand each unique set of challenges for their glass product applications. They are excellent problem-solvers and develop efficient processes for generating intricately shaped parts with a high degree of precision and repeatable accuracy. We are an ISO 9001:2015 compliant glass manufacturer and leverage the newest technology, high precision inspection, test, and measurement instruments to assure product quality. Our production systems accommodate fast turnaround projects and compliance with industry standards. Contact us directly to learn more about our hot working capabilities or to make an inquiry.

Precision Hot Working Precision Hot Working