Glass or Quartz Grinding & Polishing

As part of our comprehensive lineup of fabrication services at Specialty Glass Products, our capabilities include precision grinding and polishing. From the first grind to the final polish, we have developed techniques to remove fractures and other imperfections to create precise surface quality, flatness, and parallelism. With our decades of experience in glass fabrication and disciplined commitment to quality, we manufacture custom products that set the industry standard for reliability and performance.

Inside our grinding and polishing department, we operate both single-sided and double-sided lapping and polishing machines with servo motion controls that provide efficiency, repeatability, and precision. We also have specially designed, proprietary polishing stations that take our capabilities to the next level. Along with borosilicate and soda-lime glass, we process fused quartz, fused silica, and glass-ceramic materials in all shapes with sizes measuring from .001” to 19” in diameter and .005” to 2.5” in thickness. With our equipment, techniques, and technically skilled operators, we obtain diameter and thickness tolerances to ±.0005”, surface roughness of ≤ 10 angstroms, and ≤ 10 µm in total thickness variation.

Quality assurance involves inspection with high precision equipment such as optical comparators, ultra-precision scales, digital micrometers, profilometers, and a programmable RAM optical video system that stores and compares data for statistical analysis. Our quality assurance systems are ISO 9001:2015 compliant and we comply with national and international industry standards.
We handle orders from prototype and short-run to high volume processing. We offer fast turnaround; some lots can be processed in as little as one week. For more information about our wafer and glass product grinding and polishing capabilities, contact us directly.

Glass or Quartz Grinding & Polishing Glass or Quartz Grinding & Polishing