Miniature Lathe Turning & Drilling

One of our services here at Specialty Glass Products is miniature lathe turning and drilling. We have a lineup of advanced-technology equipment to achieve high precision on complex applications that have exacting quality criteria. With decades of experience in this area, we use innovative strategies combined with high-end diamond coated tooling to carry out drilling, milling, boring, profiling, engraving, and other machining operations while upholding remarkable tight tolerances.

Along with high-temperature grades of borosilicate glass, some examples of materials we process include thermal and shock-resistant fused quartz, high purity fused silica, optical glass, synthetic sapphire glass, and more. We can create features as small as .004” on small turned parts measuring from .005” to 1.0” in diameter and length anywhere from 0.1” to 12.0”. Tolerances can be specified as close as ±.0005”. Our quality assurance involves using top of the range  metrology equipment with the ability to measure at the microscopic level to ensure dimensions are accurate and the work pieces flawless.

With our extensive background in glass fabrication, we engineer productive methods for accurately and repeatably generating precise designs for technology-driven industries. Along with optical components such as lenses, prisms, and light pipes, we produce glass wafers and substrates in a range of sizes, specifications, finishes, and tolerances. We also leverage miniature lathe tuning and drilling to manufacture glass rods, tubing, cuvettes, flow cells, and other elements used in chemical analysis applications.

We accept orders of any volume and complexity, turn jobs around quickly, and our pricing is very competitive. Quality is nothing short of outstanding. To learn more about our miniature lathe turning and drilling capabilities or to make an inquiry, contact us directly.

Miniature Lathe Turning & Drilling Miniature Lathe Turning & Drilling