Computer Aided Design

SGP’s computer system is equipped with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for use in fabricating intricately shaped parts to high precision and repeatability.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

With our Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), SGP can apply knowledge-based manufacturing techniques. It synchronizes with our CAD, making our processes extremely efficient.

Glass Engineering Services

No matter what your fabrication needs are, SGP can help. Our team of engineers come from diverse backgrounds within a variety of disciplines. As a result, we can talk the language of your industry, understand your problems, and appreciate what you want to accomplish.

We work closely with our customers to fully understand their unique set of challenges, goals, and restrictions for glass product applications. Our extensive knowledge of every field of secondary glass fabrication combined with our sophisticated technologies enables us to engineer the most effective and appropriate solutions and develop the glass part you need to help assure the success of your product.


Electronic Data Interface

Using an Electronic Data Interfacing (EDI) capability, we are able to have visibility into our customers’ procurement systems for forecasting part requirements. All orders and purchase requisitions can be handled electronically without the need for a paper trail.