SCHOTT B 270® Superwhite Soda Lime Glass

Glass Type: Soda lime


SCHOTT B 270® is a crown type Soda lime glass which is fabricated in a drawn process. SCHOTT B 270® is extremely clear and colorless, and has good transmission value into the infrared range. SGP can CNC mill, cut, drill, lap, and polish this material in many shapes, sizes, and surface finishes.

Thermal PropertiesMechanical Properties
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion(0/300°C): 95X10 -7/°CDensity2.55 g/cm3
Annealing Point541°C /1006 °FKnoop Hardness542
Softening Point724°C/ 1335 °FYoung’s ModulusE=71.5kN/mm2
Strain Point511°C/ 952 °FPoisson’s Ratio.219
Chemical PropertiesElectrical Properties
Hydrolytic Resistanceclass 3Dielectric ConstantE=7
Acid Resistanceclass 2ResistivityN/A
Alkali Resistanceclass 2Dielectric StrengthN/A
Optical Properties
Refractive Index1.5230