Ultra Low Expansion (ULE®) Glass

Glass Type: Glass Ceramics


ULE®, Corning Code 7972 Ultra Low Expansion Glass is a titania silicate glass with unique characteristics that has made it the material of choice in applications ranging from machine tool reference blocks to solid and lightweight mirror blanks for astronomical telescopes and space satellite applications. Experts in the semiconductor industry have identified ULE® as a “material of choice” for EUV applications.

Thermal PropertiesMechanical Properties
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion 0.00 +/- 0.03 x 10 7°CDensity2.20 g/cm3 (at 20°C/68°F)
Annealing Point1000°C/1832°FKnoop Hardness460 kg/mm2
Softening Point1490°C/2714°FYoung's Modulus67.6 Gpa
Strain Point890°C /1634° FPoisson's Ratio0.17
Chemical PropertiesElectrical Properties
Hydrolytic ResistanceN/ADielectric ConstantE=3.99 MHz @R.T.
Acid ResistanceN/AResistivity1011ohm/cm @R.T.
Alkali ResistanceN/ADielectric Strength0.5 KV/mm
Optical Properties
Refractive Index1.480